Combat low bone density with therapeutic exercise!

An estimated 43 million Americans have low bone density, putting them at high risk of osteoporosis. Its a condition suffered by 9 million people in the U.S. — mostly women — and results in a higher risk of breaks and sometimes a reduction of one’s mobility, independence and quality of life.

Though the numbers are staggering, the OnSite Physio team feels people should feel empowered to take charge of their bone health as they age. Why?

The Power of Therapeutic Exercise

Because along with diet and regular check-ups, an exercise regimen that includes elements of strength and resistance training can help slow these effects of aging while allowing one to maintain a high quality of life through activity and independence.

Following an initial assessment, one of our physical therapists with OnSite Physio can guide you through an exercise regimen to help combat your low bone density.  In doing so, they will provide you with a treatment and/or exercise plan based on your personal goals, health considerations and movement limitations.

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