As an employer, your long-term success often depends on the productivity and success of your workforce. Your workers likely make up your single most important investment, so its critical you protect this investment at all costs.

By partnering with OnSite Physio, we’ll help you take a proactive approaching to helping ensure your workers remain safe and injury free in their jobs. While it’s impossible to predict and prevent all injuries, studies show that even small screening and prevention efforts can go a long way in saving you money.

What about when injuries actually do happen? We have you covered, too. We partner with businesses and employers to offer assessment, rehab and triage services catered specifically to the needs for the job.

To learn more details about the various employment wellness services we offer, select a link below.

Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy

While we can vastly improve safety while reducing injuries, mishaps will still happen sometimes. Learn how we can help with your workers’ comp claims.

Make a Referral

Have you worked with OnSite Physio before? Would you like others to benefit from our employment services? Send us a referral!

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Learn how these post-offer screenings will reduce future injuries while helping ensure your employees can safely fulfill the physical requirements of their jobs.

Injury Prevention

An ounce of prevention today can save you money and time in the future. Our physical therapists can assess risk and develop custom injury prevention plans for your organization.