The physical therapy team at OnSite Physio operates based on an evidence-based, results-driven model that provides rehab and recovery treatments for patients within the comfort of their own homes. And, we want to partner with you to ensure your patients long-term success in both recovery and in life.

Regardless of age or ability, we believe that all patients deserve a rehabilitation plan based on convenience, comfort, focus and personalization. We offer this by delivering top-notch physical therapy services to their homes, offering them a level of value they won’t find in a typical outpatient clinic.

Besides maintaining patient satisfaction and success, partnering with us ensures multiple other benefits, including:

  • A mutually beneficial partnership that optimizes the health and recovery of all patients.
  • A deep focus on communication with all patient referral sources, including personal physicians, specialists and surgeons.
  • An unmatched level of professionalism within our team, made up of licensed physical therapists who never stop learning as they strive to achieve optimal results for all patients.
  • Ideal in-home appointment options for patients (i.e., total joint replacement) with limited mobility and/or transportation options.

To learn more about OnSite Physio and the benefits of partnering with our physical therapy team, please contact us directly.