Most employers understand the bottom-line toll work-related injuries can cause for a business. It’s no secret, then, that keeping employees healthy and productive, by being both proactive and reactive to their needs, is a key piece of the business success puzzle.

That’s why our OnSite Physio team strives to establish partnerships with employers throughout our service areas, sending physical therapists directly to businesses or worksites to assess, treat and educate employees with work-related injuries. This is concierge service at its best!

When you partner with OnSite Physio, you’re investing in the vitality of your business by ensuring the long-term health and safety of your workers. Our team will provide your injured workers with personalized, one-on-one care and treatment on site, each session tailored to specific job functions and the need for long-term, sustainable productivity.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to get your injured employee back to work quicker and more affordably. By eliminating the time and expense of travel while offering individualized attention, we’re able to keep costs low, leaving much less of an impact on your bottom line.

How Do Employer Partnerships Work?

When you partner with OnSite Physio, your business and its employees immediately gain access to customized, one-on-one treatments from our physical therapists right on site. This includes:

On-Demand Services: Have an injured worker? Need a physical therapist to perform a functional screening? Need advice or training on workplace injury prevention? We’ll come to you to provide all required assessments, treatments, education and training!

Functional Rehab: By coming to you, we’re able to learn more about the requirements of an injured worker’s job and what functional capabilities they need to get back to work. Then, we can provide treatments based specifically around these needs, helping ensure long-term health and function.

Improved Visibility: When we arrive to treat an injured worker, nothing gets swept under the rug. All injuries, concerns and claims are visible to employers and stakeholders, making the claims and treatment processes 100 percent transparent.

Partner with OnSite Physio today! If you have any questions or would like more information about our Employee Partnership options, please contact us.