Mobile physical therapy is no different than traditional physical therapy that one goes to at a clinic.  The main difference is that mobile physical therapy provides unmatched, one-on-one rehabilitation services in the place you feel most comfortable: your home!

Rather than expecting patients with busy lives and limited mobility to come into a clinic for treatments, our physical therapists come to you. And, they bring with them the same high level of results-driven treatments, knowledge, and expertise you’d expect from the very best health care providers.

After all, whether you’re facing the prospect of surgery or looking to overcome issues that may threaten your independence, our focus remains on you. Despite your injury, ailment, pain, or movement limitation, we strive to help you move better so you can live your best life.

Why Choose Mobile Physical Therapy?

The differences between mobile and traditional clinic physical therapy options do not start and end with the location. Mobile Physical Therapy provides a number of benefits that can only be accomplished in this setting:


When you’re injured, in pain, or recovering from surgery, even simple everyday tasks can be difficult to accomplish. By offering mobile physical therapy, our goal is to keep these challenges to a minimum by removing travel from your equation. Instead of focusing on how you’re going to get to therapy, you can instead focus on healing and recovery.


Begin the healing process, receive treatments, and achieve your recovery and lifestyle goals in the place most familiar to you: your own home. Traditional clinic physical therapy can be stressful for some, often more so when having to acclimate to a new clinic with unfamiliar people and equipment. Instead, enjoy the comfort of your own home environment!


When we come to your home, we focus only on you – on your recovery, movement and lifestyle goals. With nothing to distract us, we can truly get to the heart of your pain, injury, or movement issues and quickly construct an individualized course of treatment that gets you to where you want to be. No phone calls, no distractions … just you and your mobile physical therapist.


Home is likely where you spend most of your time, especially as you recover from injury, surgery, and other ailments. By becoming familiar with your home environment, our mobile physical therapists can adapt treatments and functional exercises to your home space. Ensuring the healing process is catered to you as well as your personal environment can make your recovery quicker and more successful.

For more information about Mobile Physical Therapy or to schedule your first appointment with our physical therapy team, please contact us today!