Telerehab is yet another form of at-home physical therapy that utilizes technology most of us have (i.e., computers, smartphones) to make rehabilitation and recovery more accessible for everyone.

Also known as Telehealth or virtual physical therapy, these online appointments allow patients a remote option that helps ensure both safety and continuity of services. This is especially critical during a time when COVID-19 remains a concern for many.

How TeleRehab Works

Telerehab appointments are scheduled much like regular physical therapy appointments. But, rather than meeting with a live physical therapist at your home, you’ll be sent a video-chat link for accessing your physical therapist.

Like with a video conference, telerehab appointments require access to a home computer with a webcam, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Once connected virtually, you and your physical therapist can accomplish a number of things, from tracking treatment progress, and answering questions, to assessing function and reviewing/modifying home exercises.

Why TeleRehab?

The greatest benefit of telerehab during the current pandemic is that it is one of the safest ways of meeting with your physical therapists. And, it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

And, while telerehab appointments cannot fully replace the effectiveness and thoroughness of a one-on-one physical therapy appointment, virtual appointments can work in tandem with regular at-home appointments in a number of ways:

  • Assessing Progress: Virtual appointments work well for checking in on the progress of your treatment and home exercises, ensuring you’re staying on schedule and meeting your milestones.
  • Wellness Check-Ins: Even as treatment is nearing its end, telerehab appointments are an ideal (and safe) way to check in to make sure you haven’t encountered any hiccups in your progress that may need to be addressed.
  • Exercise Modifications: Are there movements or exercises that cause pain, discomfort, or which you’re simply unable to do? Our physical therapists can suggest and demonstrate modifications that can benefit you at your current stage of treatment.
  • Ask a Physical Therapist: Am I doing this right? Am I supposed to feel this weak? Is it possible I could benefit from a different treatment? Such questions and others can be asked through a virtual environment.

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