COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • OnSite Physio offers in-person therapy at the patient’s home as well as telerehab, which is a therapy session conducted between therapist and patient via a secure video link
  • By choosing therapy through OnSite Physio, patients are already safer than alternative ways to access physical therapy by avoiding
    • traveling to a clinic
    • crowded waiting rooms
    • in-person contact with a multitude of personnel and patients at a therapy clinic
    • shared surfaces – such as equipment, therapy aids, and even pens – from where infections can spread
  • Therapy at home is safer and more effective than therapy in a clinic

At OnSite Physio, we take extensive measures to help ensure the safety of our therapists and patients from COVID-19.

OnSite Physio Therapists

  • Undergo daily checks of temperature and other symptoms and are only eligible to treat patients that day if they pass
  • Are trained on COVID-19 best practices
  • Wear CDC-recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) during their visit with the patient
  • Wipe down all equipment after every patient visit and keep it safe until the next patient visit

OnSite Physio Patients

  • Are checked for symptoms prior to every physical therapy appointment

With OnSite Physio’s advanced physical distancing techniques and safety measures employed in the field, patients can feel as safe as possible from the threat of COVID-19