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Our OnSite Physio team provides individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments for patients of all ages, and they do so in the place that’s most familiar and comfortable to you: in your own home. Why do we do this?


  • We believe the OnSite Physio team should accommodate to your life and schedule, not the other way around.
  • Your mobility may be limited, especially if you’re recovering from injury, surgery or other physical or neurological ailment.
  • Your home environment plays a critical role in the way you recover, heal and live.
  • Not everyone has access to sufficient, quality transportation. But, we do.
  • Your home is a safe space, and you deserve our one-on-one attention.

Learn more about On-Site Physio and our in-home services in the links below:

What is In-Home Physical Therapy?

Learn what in-home physical therapists do and the benefits of getting treated at home versus in the clinic.


Online “virtual” physical therapy is another in-home option. Learn the value of visiting with your PT from your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Insurance & Forms

Learn what insurance options we accept. Also, download and complete your patient forms prior to your first visit.

COVID Safety Measures

The OnSite Physio team does everything in our power to ensure the safety of all our clients. Learn what this means for you.

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