Therapist Recruitment

  • We look for the best and brightest providers in any given area. They must love healing and have a passion for helping others. And they need to have presence, a good bedside manner, and be good practitioners.
  • Because we started treating patients in 2005, we have vast experience in what it takes to be successful as a therapist working with patients at their home. In addition, we look for word-of-mouth referrals from patients and medical professionals when recruiting therapists for our program.
  • We expect our therapists to have meaningful experience in treating patients one-on-one, using manual therapy. Most therapists are taught to treat that way in Physical Therapy School, so we are open to developing recent graduates as well.

Requirements to be a Therapist with OnSite Physio

  • Possess an active license in good standing for physical therapy services
  • 3+ years of treating experience (exceptions made for talented recent graduates)
  • Pass a comprehensive background check
  • Have access to reliable transportation

Therapist Training

  • Our therapists undergo comprehensive training before treating OnSite Physio patients. Our vast experience benefits both therapists and patients because we educate the provider on the techniques and strategies which are proven to help faster healing.

Patient and Therapist Safety

  • OnSite Physio’s technology platform monitors a therapist’s geolocation so our staff knows when they arrive at a patient’s home and when they have left. This enhances the safety of both the patient and therapist.
  • If a therapist’s whereabouts deviate and/or they haven’t checked in via our system as expected under our protocols, our care coordinators will contact both the patient and therapist to investigate.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • OnSite Physio offers in-person therapy at the patient’s home as well as telerehab, which is a therapy session conducted between therapist and patient via a secure video link
  • By choosing therapy through OnSite Physio, patients are already ahead of the game by
    • avoiding crowded waiting rooms
    • in-person contact a multitude of personnel and patients at a therapy clinics
    • not touching shared surfaces, such as equipment and therapy aids, from where infections can spread
  • Therapy at home is safer and more effective than therapy in a clinic
  • OnSite Physio therapists undergo daily checks of temperature and other symptoms and are only eligible to treat patients that day if they pass
  • OnSite Physio therapists wear CDC-recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) during their visit with the patient
  • After every patient visit, all equipment is wiped down with disinfectant and kept safe until the next patient visit