About OnSite Physio

We Care

OnSite Physio is deeply committed to making our patients feel better. We enable the best therapists in the field to provide excellent care to our patients one-on-one, in a private setting. That’s the best therapy anyone can get and that’s what we offer to our patients. We want you to LOVE your physical therapy.

We Are Very Experienced

OnSite Physio has been providing concierge therapy services since 2005. We have treated thousands of patients and their incredible journeys of rehabilitation and restoration, and their praise for our work speak for themselves. We use what we’ve learned along the way, to make an immediate difference for you. 

We Innovate

OnSite Physio pioneered the delivery of physical therapy services to patients. We did it because we knew our patients would improve faster and would love the service. We knew that our therapists would also love working with us. And we were right! Today, we continue to invest in technology, education, training and processes to advance the field of physical therapy. When we think outside the box, the possibilities are limitless!

Our Mission

OnSite Physio strives to be the premier provider of mobile physical therapy services by offering individualized best-in-class care to our patients, providing excellent customer service, and delivering outstanding recovery results.

Contact Us

We are committed to helping you recover and restore health. For more information about your physical therapy services please call us at (888) 918-2303